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  • Global Logistics and Warehouse

    GLOBAL LOGISTICS: Our Logistics group has 30 years of freight forwarding experience. Over 400 staff and management team serving the China region. Over200 in-house staff and management team serving the United States with more than 50 contract agents. We offer strong logistics network and infrastructure which include: Class A customs clearance, Volume booking in FEU and TEU, Automated NVO and Global coverages.

    WAREHOUSING: We have robust warehousing capability. We have warehouse locations in China and in USA, mainly focusing in Midwest auto assembly plants. Our USA warehouse in Michigan is a Ford, GM, DCX certified facility. We have more than 400K sq feet of warehouse space dedicated to auto parts services. And, we have the flexibility and ability to expand our warehouse spacing with minimal lead time.

    Office locations * Main office location

    • * Oxford

    • Ann Arbor

    • Los Angeles

    • * Shanghai

    • Beijing

    • Tianjin

    • Taipei

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